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about us We give internship placement to the university students every June , July and September i.e. students from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Bishop Stuart University(BSU), Nkozi University( Nyamitanga campus), Kabale University and Ibanda University( Alliance Voc) students usually undergo intensive training for three months on various skills in computing.


We began carrying out industrial training in 2009 with 11 students under a company called MEDIVA(U) LTD . Our students went through training for three months in various skills including hardware identification and repair, software development, website design and webhosting and computer networking. In 2012 we finally registered FOR YOU UGANDA LTD , we had 35 students from a number of universities . We added on our industrial training package with more programming skills and software development. During that time the students designed a number of complex systems that have been taken up by a number of upcoming companies. In 2013 we had 37 students It was an amazing class as we taught our students on how to design dynamic websites using tools like JOOMOLA, word press. .In 2014 we went through a similar experience. In 2015, we plan to spice up the industrial training. Students will have two months of computer hardware, software, networking.

The industrial training curriculum 2015

Every week of the 8 weeks during training is dedicated to a different topic of study. WEEK ONE, we will look at the basics of hardware including hardware identification and repair and maintenance. In WEEK TWO , students will be taken through basics of computer security, Back up and User Management. WEEK THREE, students will go through Linux OS installation and Virtualization and the Virtual Machines. WEEK FOUR, students will cover Website design and Development basics and also they cover Website and content management administration. WEEK FIVE, students will go to the details of system analysis and design using a number of programming languages and also look at Databases i.e. Workbench, Wamp console and also XXamp.WEEK SIX, students will go through advanced networking including routing, switching ,cable termination and also windows and Linux server installation. WEEK SEVEN, the students will look at still networking but on how to IP address a computer, how to handle network administration and configuration. Finally in WEEK EIGHT, we take the students through Report writing and skills .




    TUMWINE IVAN: BIT(Hons), Certficate in computer repair

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